Lyrics: Aram Rubenstein Gillis & Michelle Citrin

I get a call on my cell
It is my Bubbe, Estelle
I pick it up and I yell,
“So Nu, How’s West
Palm Beach?”
she’s sobbing into the
I say, “Hey Bubbe
what’s wrong”

It’s Zeyde, he’s almost

Does he have a

Oh, his heart is okay
But, his keppie, oy vey
The election’s Tuesday
And he says he’s

How could this happen

Don’t feel so guilty
but all his calls come
from right wing pishkes!

Are you serious?
It’s beyond me
He’s been watching
Fox news
I’m sorry Bubbe

He’s been yelling at a chair
Since the convention
Should I call him?
Yes, he likes attention

I’ll call him right-away

my little lady!
I love you Bubbe
Now call your Zeyde

How do I work this
damn cell
Hey Zeyde, this is
It’s my granddaughter!!
Vell! vell!
sha-ina punim, vhat’s

Bubbe said we’ve
gotta talk
Put down your bagel and lox.
Before you check any box,
please just think this
thing through

Do you like your
Yes, I like my Medicare
Well, Romney wants to
cut our Medicare
Guten Himmel what a

But what about
yeah, what about
You and Bubbe
were born in Poland
What about gay

Did you think Shira

was just my

But this piece on Israel

It’s la-shon hara
Go trash that flyer
it’s from a liar.

The ties between us
We’ll never sever
Our alliance
Stronger than ever

The President does
have a heimishe

Such a Neshama

Such a Nesha-sha-ma

So nu, why don’t you be a
mensch and vote Obama

Go vote Obama

I’ll vote Oba ah ma

From Miami to Detroit
To Pennsylanie

I’m calling Bubbe
I’m calling Zeyde

From Ohio
to Las Veg-ey

Call your Bubbe
Call your Zeyde

Before we
talked I was afraid this
would be so bad

This would be so bad

This would be so so bad

The time is short, so
much at stake and you
should know that

and you should
know that
So call your zeyde!

Michelle Citrin – Director, Music Producer, Co-Producer, Co-Writer
Jeff Lieberman – Assistant Director and Editor
Robert Green – Producer, for Another Green World Productions
Mira Oreck – Executive Producer

Aram Rubenstein-Gillis & Michelle Citrin, Lyrics
Michelle Citrin—Producer, Arrangements, Vocals
Aaron Nevezie—Mixing, Audio Engineer
Margot Leverett—Clarinet
Uri Sharlin—Accordion
Jake Shulman—Violin

From Miami to Detroit;
To Pennsylvanie

From Ohio
to Las Veg-ey

Call your Bubbe;
Call your Zeyde

Call Your Zeyde Now!